Pedals (29, 30)

Mercedes-Benz Ponton, type 219, © Daimler AG

Mercedes-Benz type 219, © Daimler AG

Below you can see how all the pedals looks like today, except the first picture which shows you the gas pedal before the restoration.

  • The accelerator pedal before the restoration
  • All the parts for the clutch and brake pedals restored
  • All the parts of a MB219 accelerator pedal restored
  • The gas pedal restored and assembled, everything for a Mercedes-Benz W105

The ignition timing actually belongs here but I decided to put it in the engine section, in the article Electrical equipment, engine. We'll see where I put the choke cable. Haven't come to that part yet. Also the brake and clutch pedal restorations are still missing here. Stay tuned!