Electrical equipment at engine (15, 30)

Cabling regarding these items you'll find under Electrical equipment and instruments. Electric system is also about Ponton electricity.

Ignition (distributor, cables, plugs, coil, choke (15, 30)

M 180 II engine with distributor and ignition cables

The M 180 II engine with distributor and ignition cables in place

The distributor and ignition coil has been gone through incl all screws and the vacuum control cleaned up and plated where after everything was tested ok by Bernats Bil. The helical gear, which is part of the mechanism that drives the distributor you will find more stories about under Engine and oil pump.

Follow the workshop manual for assuring that the cam shaft, distributor are in line together with the timing marker on the counter weight, in my case 5° +/- 1° v. OT/BTDC (vor dem Oberen Totpunkt/Before Top Dead Centre).

Correct position of rotor on a Bosch VJUR 6 BR 24

Correct position of the rotor on a Bosch VJUR 6 BR 24 distributor when camshaft and counter weight are in their correct positions

The ignition cables for the Ponton I ordered new from Mercedes-Benz, by the the meter. They also provided me with the terminals. The ignition cable plugs should be possible to buy from Bosch Classic. I could however not buy directly from them but had to go via a Swedish distributor which firstly prolonged the process and secondly gave me the wrong plugs in the end. So I bought the correct ones from Werner Karasch. Unfortunately they only had them in brown and not in black as I wanted. Can live with that. Cables were cut based on my old cables, the terminals soldered and the plugs screwed in. Done.

  • An Ponton ignition cable plug
  • W105 ignition cable plug screwed in, terminal awaiting being soldered
  • MB 219 ignition cable terminal before being soldered
  • Terminal for the ignition cables of a M 180 II with solder paste
  • And finally, ignition cable terminal soldered
  • Finished Ponton ignition cable, ready to be put to use
  • All the terminals...

Follow the workshop manual for adjusting the mechanism for ignition control. The first picture shows the adjustment of the timing lever and its Bowden cable. The second and third pictures show the cleaned-up rotary control. The cable actually belongs to Pedals article but I decided to put it here, close to the distributor...

  • Compressed the timing lever for being able to assemble the Bowden cable and adjust the rotary control
  • Rotary control of the Ponton timing adjustment
  • Rotary control of the Type 219 timing adjustment

Generator (15)

I had the generator completely rebuilt. In this picture you can also see the part of the cable harness (new) that goes to and from the Voltage regulator.

  • Restored Mercedes-Benz 219 generator
  • Restored Mercedes-Benz Ponton generator

Left for me was to clean up, plate and paint its support, spacer sleeve and generator adjustment mechanism.

  • Original status of the Ponton generator support
  • Original status of the W105 generator spacer sleeve
  • Original status of the generator adjustment mechanism
  • Original status of the generator adjustment mechanism
  • Restored Ponton generator support
  • Restored Mercedes-Benz 219 generator spacer sleeve
  • Restored, complete Ponton generator adjustment mechanism

BOSCH Service-Liste für Mercedes-Benz Personenkraftwagen 219, Baujahr 1956 - 1959, © Robert Bosch GmbH

Click the picture to download in PDF-format, "BOSCH Service-Liste für Mercedes-Benz Personenkraftwagen 219, Baujahr 1956 - 1959, © Robert Bosch GmbH (file is 1MB)

Starter (15)

I also had the starter completely rebuilt, including the pinion since that part, as well as the starter ring gear on the flywheel, was severely worn.

  • Restored Mercedes-Benz 219 starter
  • Restored Mercedes-Benz Ponton starter

Beside of that, it was just a matter of cleaning the intermediary flange and its screws including have the latter black plated. We'll see if I remember to publish "after" pictures of those...

  • Original starter intermediary flange

Voltage regulator (15)

The voltage regulator has been tested and cleaned up. When painting the cover (semi-gloss black) I decided to keep the old label even though I have a new one. More genuine look :)?!

  • The voltage regulator cover of my MB219 carefully being sandblasted, original label covered by tape
  • Voltage regulator cover painted in semi-gloss black, original label in place and the new one to the right. Just to show the "difference"
  • Detail picture of painted voltage regulator housing
  • Mercedes-Benz type 219 voltage regulator restored and assembled

Next step

Before installing the engine, with its auxiliary systems mounted, I wanted to check that everything worked as it should, do necessary adjustments, re-tighten all screws and see to that I had no leaks, see Running the engine on test bed.