Brake fluid canister (a.k.a. compensation tank)

This section is under construction. And so is the can...

Engine compartment Mercedes-Benz Ponton type 219, © Daimler AG

Engine compartment Mercedes-Benz 219, © Daimler AG

The can was glass beaded, polished and finished with white cad for rust protection. At that time, 2003, I planned to putty the rust pits on top of the can with tin and then paint everything semi-gloss black. In the pictures below you can see the rust pits "puttied" and after a first, rough grinding. While contemplating if I was going to be able to get the can and its cap in a good condition, I started to investigate how the final result ought to look like. That is, if, and in such a case how, the can and cap should be painted. It started with some opinions from other restorers and pictures in the workshop manual that had the canister painted in different ways! I'm not fully done with the documentation of the research yet but it has been an "interesting" journey and for you, who are like me, find this important :) it may come one or two surprises. Stay tuned!

In the meantime I bought a new can, cap, filter etc from Karasch for a decent price. Not worth restoring the old one.

  • All parts of the Ponton brake fluid canister cleaned up and white cad'ed
  • Top of brake fluid can
  • Top of brake fluid can
  • engine_compartment_mb219