Sheet metal (72, 73, 75, 88, 89)

My Mercedes-Benz 219, W105, along the river Eskilstunaån

My Mercedes-Benz 219 photographed in Eskilstuna, along the river Eskilstunaån

These pages will show you the work on the Ponton "sheet metal", i.e. doors, fenders etc. As usual I won't cover the whole process and all the parts here, mainly those that shows what I did on a general level as well where I had problems or where I think my ideas and pictures can be of any help to others.

The restoration of the different parts of the sheet metal can be found in the sub menus under Sheet metal. And if you have made reparations of the battery floor and the partition/-firewall, maybe may sketch of the layout of all the holes in the latter may be handy. You can find it in Instrument panel, floor, parcel shelf, window frame (67, 68, 69). Enjoy!