Hood and trunk lid (75, 88, 89)

Ponton Mercedes 220a, © Daimler AG

Ponton Mercedes-Benz 220a, 1954 to 1956, © Daimler AG

  • Sound insulation coating under Ponton hood
  • Sound insulation coating under Ponton hood
  • Locking mechanism for the hood
  • Locking mechanism for the hood

The first two photos are showing the coating under the hood. I spent some hours cleaning the hood, in vain. Later it turned out that it had some minor dents that would be difficult/expensive to fix in combination with rust in the front. Therefore I've invested in a "new", almost perfect one. The other two pictures show the locking mechanism of the hood, before restoration.

  • Trunk lid being sandblasted on the underside
  • Trunk lid primed
  • Underside of Ponton trunk lid painted in DB7164 Dark grey
  • Locking mechanism trunk lid

This is the first pictures of the restoration of the trunk lid. As I've mentioned under Putting it all together - Part III - spraying the invisible areas, also the trunk lid's DB7164 got a little bit too glossy. It's not as bad as it looks on the photo (taken with flash and in day light).

  • Bowden cable for Ponton hood
  • Parts for the hoods bowden cable

Bowden cable for the hood, so far only two pictures of dirty screws...