A trip to the Netherlands

During late 50ies, probably 1958, my father, his brother Börje (who at that time was co-owner of the car) and their parents, Oscar and Annie made a trip to the Netherlands. Here are the scans of that photo album. Maybe it's a bit too personal but I think the album is so fantastic so I decided to show it anyway, not only the pictures of the car.

Mercedes-Benz 219 Ponton on its way to Brussels

Ponton star on the way to Brussels

Around Zuiderzee, Amsterdam and Rijksmuseum.

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  • Mercedes-Benz 219 parked around Zuiderzee for a break
  • Visit to Amsterdam, my father to the right and his parents Oscar and Annie to his left
  • My father's brother, Börje, at Zuiderzee

Kalverstraat in Amsterdam.

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More from Amsterdam, my grandfather Oscar looking out over the crovded marketplace and a female orchestra walking the streets.

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On the way to "Den Haag" and Scheveningen.

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  • Mercedes-Benz 219 parked on the way to "Den Haag" and Schevingen, Oscar and Annie preparing the coffee
  • Annie, my father and his brother and Oscar enjoying coffee in front of the MB219

Scheveningen, according to Wikipedia "a modern seaside resort with a long, sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier, and a lighthouse. The beach is popular for water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding". I suppose the family didn't do much windsurfing or kiteboarding though....

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Haag and Rotterdam.

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And again...

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Haag. Note the student capstudent cap on the trunk lid! Based on the text in the album they were obviously "impressed" by the old prison cell with old style, original torture equipment.

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And here on the way to Brussels.

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  • The Ponton on its way to Brussels with the family
  • The Ponton on its way to Brussels with the family

Some sort of exhibition in Brussels.

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"The russian exhibition" and Manneken Pis.

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There is obviously a Madonna hanging on the wall, and everyone passing her is touching her feet. Gives luck!

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Passing several bridges until they arrive to Arnhem.

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  • The Ponton on its way to Arnhem, passing another bridget
  • The 219 parked with my grandfather Oscar outside. Locking it?

Börje, who wrote text was a bit annoyed by difficulties getting a beer. Reason unknown.

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And here a short recap of the battles around the city during the second world war.

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  • Ponton, Annie, Börje and Oscar in Arnhem
  • Ponton, Annie, Börje and Oscar visiting Arnhem

After leaving Arnhem they stayed in a place close to the border, named something like "Lette Obenzaal", I can't read the name clearly. If anyone know the place, please let me know! They were veeerrry satisified with the service there.

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My grandmother enjoyed the breakfast in the garden, "This is how it always should be!".

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Next day they pass the border between the Netherlands and Germany.

Mercedes-Benz 219 W105 on the border between the Netherlands and Germany

Mercedes-Benz 219 W105 on the border between the Netherlands and Germany

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  • My father in discussion with the border police, Ponton in background
  • My father in discussion with the border police, Mercedes in background

Fascinating Ponton drive through the forest. Was like driving in a tunnel even though it was a sunny day. They had to turn on the lights on the car! Next stop was Bremen.

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  • A fascinating drive with the Ponton through a leaf tunnel on their way to Bremen

Then the trip continued to Denmark (Jylland) via Hamburg. During the trip they had an issue with butter melting in the trunk. Well a black car and a warm, sunny day. How can you prevent that from happening.

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  • On their way to Denmark from Hamburg they experienced the downside of having a black car in summer, the butter melted laying in the trunk....

Not clear to me but I think the first picture gives an idea of the butter accident. Next picture is taken while entering Denmark from Germany, waiting for the Korsö-ferry at Nyborg.

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  • Waiting in line with the 219 for the Korsö-ferry at Nyborg

Tired family on the ferry.

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  • Enjoying the ferry trip from Nyborg to Korsö
  • My father in his environment, at sea...

"The last picture" and "melancholy" on Själland. "Home-coming around 14 July". And then some content pages which are of less interest for us "Pontoners".

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Fascinating Mercedes-Benz Ponton drive through the forest

Fascinating Mercedes-Benz Ponton drive through the forest