Windscreen wipers and washer (82)

Windscreen wipersWindscreen wipers for a Ponton

Windscreen wipers for a Ponton

There are more on this but I haven't had time to upload and write about it yet...

Windscreen washer

  • The Trico windscreen washer unit with glass reservoir bottle installed in my Ponton
  • The Trico window washer kit's pipe and lid
  • The Trico window washer kit's lid
  • Windscreen washer nozzles for my Mercedes-Benz 219

The car was not delivered with the wind screen washer, only with wipers (see Why a Ponton)! But since a lot of roads in Sweden still were gravel roads, and we also have the wet, dirty and salty winter roads, he quickly realized a washer was needed. The only thing I “know” about this is that he used a Volvo PV, electric pump (see picture below) and that he was very proud of his mounting of the chromed wind screen washer nozzles (see picture above) under the rear side of the hood so that they were not visible. The jar, of brand Trico, I have no idea where he found and why he chose that. I'm fully aware that this installation is not “original”, but it belongs to this car.

  • Trico vacuum window washer kit with glass reservoir bottle and lid repaired with putty. Restoration to come
  • Bracket for Trico vacuum window washer
  • Volvo PC electric pump installed in Mercedes-Benz Ponton
  • Volvo PC electric pump installed in Mercedes-Benz Ponton

The lid was in a rather bad shape. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a replacement but with some putty and an intense and careful sanding it looks like new. 

Photos of fully restored jar, holder and pump will be published as soon as it is done.