Blowers and regulation flaps (83)

Mercedes-Benz 220a, W 180 I, © Daimler AG

Mercedes-Benz 220a, W 180 I, © Daimler AG
As the 219 it doesn't have the 220S/SE's chrome lists along fenders and doors but the 220a has the long chassis and hence a divided rear door window. Same engine as the 219 but with double carburetors, not a double carburetor.


Not much to say here than "before, during and after restoration". Note the small rivet that fix the wings/rubber mountings for the blower motor to the surrounding white cad'ed "house". This "house" is in its turn fixed to the outer, black ring with three screws. The fan blade is secured to the axle with a small pin bolt. The motor was cleaned, checked for functionality and the two "bearings" inside each lubricated. I was actually rust inside the motor housing due to inadequate drainage. I drilled two more holes and had some Dinol ML in them. The rubber mountings were glass beaded, cleaned and then soaked in liquid paraffin for a couple of days.

  • Blowers before restoration
  • Small rivet that fix the wings in the blower
  • Completely restored, but not yet assembled, Ponton blowers

Regulation flaps

These pictures don't say much, I'm only very satisfied with the end result.

  • Regulation flats before restoration
  • Ponton regulation flats restored and assembled