Here you may find some useful links. I know that there are a lot of sites about Mercedes-Benz. However, I do not have the intention to publish the complete list of links here. These links have however been very useful to me so give them a try! If you think that I really ought to add an other Mercedes-Benz link here, feel free to contact me and I'll add it! You can also find other interesting contacts in the "Acknowledgements" article.

Facebook and its Mercedes-groups are of course another source for knowledge. I do however prefer old-style forums since it's easier to document, share and search for scarce Ponton knowledge. But hey, that's your choice! The groups I can recommend for a Pontonista are "Mercedes Ponton-Fans: W 120/W 121/W 105/W 180/ W 128", "Mercedes Benz Ponton W180", "Mercedes-Benz 180 W120", "Mercedes Benz Ponton W120 / W121" and "Mercedes Benz Ponton Restoration/Repair".