Fenders and entrance sills (88)

My work place for a couple of years, Mercedes-Benz 250d

My work place for a couple of years, the Mercedes-Benz W124, model 250d

The entrance sill as well as the cover plate in the front are in almost perfect condition. There are however, some dents in the entrance sills, smaller rust attacks where they meet the mudguards as well as around the B-pillar that will have to be fixed. The cover plate has a minor rust damage around the hole for the right, extra light (fog light).

  • Old entrance sills as well as the cover plate in the front

The front fenders had the normal rust spots in the lamp pots as well as the pipes from these. These were repaired/replaced. The left front fender also had a rust hole on the top as well as along the chassis/motor compartment. The rear fenders were in a good condition, except in the pot for the fuel "hoses" and belonging flap. The pot was taken off, repaired and put back in place and the seams fixed. The flap had to be replaced.

When repaired, everything was checked and adjusted more than a couple of times against the welded chassis.

  • Welded front fender being tested
  • Repaired pot
  • Repaired pot

Then they were painted according to chapter "Step" in the article Chassis. Note the sealant on the front fender as well as entrance sill.

  • Ponton fenders primed on the inside
  • Fenders painted on the inside

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