Intake pipe, exhaust manifold and exhaust system (14, 49)

Exhaust system (49)

My new stainless steel exhaust system for Mercedes type 219

My new stainless steel exhaust system

Unfortunately I haven't started with that but I'll add it as soon as the process has started! For the time being I can at least show you the pictures of the restored exhaust tube bracket, first in yellow "cadmium" after sandblasting and then in the heat resistant Eastwood's Factory Gray High Temp Coating.

  • Bracket for exhaust tube in yellow "cadmium"
  • Bracket for MB W105 exhaust tube painted with heat resist paint from Eastwood

Intake pipe and exhaust manifold (14)

Front axle support Mercedes-Benz type 220 1954, © Daimler AG

Front axle support (Vorderachsträger, Fahrschemel) Mercedes-Benz type 220, 1954, © Daimler AG

The original status of the exhaust manifold was quite boring. The intake pipe, made of aluminium, is glass beaded. I'll didn't spend time on tumbling the aluminium to give it a little bit more glossy finish since I was a little bit afraid of getting tumble media stuck inside the channels in the intake. The exhaust manifold is sand blasted and the use of Eastwood's Factory Gray High Temp Coating made the parts look like new. We'll see how sturdy the paint is. I've pre-heated the parts in the oven, at 275C for a couple of hours. The last picture shows the exhaust manifold in place together with the heating flap and a new thermo spiral. I actually have a new heating flap but by mistake the old one was mounted.

  • Inttake pipe and exhaust manifold taken off the engine
  • Glass beaded Ponton intake pipe
  • Exhaust manifold sand blasted
  • Exhaust manifold painted in heat resisting paint and assembled on the Mercedes M 180 II engine
  • Intake pipe mounted on the Mercedes M 180 II engine