The engine with its auxiliary system (01-22, 30, 50)

These pages will show you my work on the Mercedes M180 II (180.921) 2,2l six cylinder engine with all its auxiliary equipment. The restoration of the different parts of the engine and its auxiliary systems can be found in the sub menus under Engine:

  • carburetor
  • fuel pump
  • air filter
  • intake pipe and exhaust system
  • electrical equipment
  • engine cooling
  • engine suspension
  • and finally how I tested the engine before bringing it into the car

Enjoy everything!

As always I tried to follow the workshop manual which means that I won't cover the whole process and all the parts here, mainly those that shows what I did on a general level as well where I had problems or where I think my ideas and pictures can be of any help to others.

Sub-frame of Mercedes-Benz 219 with 90HP engine M 180 II, © Daimler AG

Sub-frame of Mercedes-Benz 219 with three-point suspended 90HP engine M 180 II, 1956-1959, © Daimler AG