Interior (67, 68, 69, 81)

Mercedes-Benz type 219 interior, © Daimler AG

Interior of a Mercedes-Benz type 219, © Daimler AG
My 219 did not have these door panels or sun visors, see the other articles for my original panels.

The choice of material

Despite looking for a cloth interior over several years and having been in contact with dozens of saddlers and restoration material suppliers over the world, I couldn't find what I was looking for, either it looked too old (170/220) or too new (60ies). You can see cloth samples from my original seats below. The codes for my interior was:

  • Stoff (St) G1 = Farbe Grüngrau (cloth on seats green gray)
  • Kunstleder (Kl) G1 = Farbe Hellgrau (vinyl light grey)
  • Himmel G1 = Farbe Grau (cloth in ceiling/dome gray)

Since the USD exchange rate was favorable in 2008, I went for a leather interior from GAHHGAHH, color code 1079 Red. First I ordered just the driver's seat to verify that everything looked ok and after that I ordered the rest as well as a couple of hides.

In 2015 I saw and article in the German Club Mercedes-Benz InteressengemeinschaftMercedes-Benz Interessengemeinschaft's quarterly magazine "Ponton-Kurier", about a company in Holland that wove fabric by hand according to your pattern, as much as you need, Corrien MaasCorrien Maas. Expensive? Qualitative? Worth it? No idea, check them out and come back with your experience! That could probably have been the answer to my search, had I known about this company earlier (if they existed at that time…?!).

And I really want to point out, as I've said before, some of old parts do really look ugly below. The car look "OK" on the inside when I started the restoration. But now, when you see the pictures of the different parts dismantled and having been stored in moist attics, barns etc this is how they look.

A side note here since we're talking about Mercedes, leather interior and my color code 1079, Red (or Rot if you use the original language). This color is often called Roser red (you will also find a couple of other color suffixes, like black). That is, to my knowledge, a bit stupid since red is red and Roser is Roser. Red is a color and Roser is a company that made leather for Mercedes-Benz. They produced it in other colors than red... The special thing about Roser is their dying technique. There are several descriptions of this but you can for example read Gerry's article About Roser leatherAbout Roser leather. My leather comes from GAHH and is their "1079 Roser red". I've never double checked with them if I should have ordered a Roser-Roser-Roser red in order to get it surface dyed. My seats and separate hides are definitively not surface dyed but vat-dyed. But I'm rather happy anyway :). But if I'm correct on this one, that the GAHH leather is actually not using Roser's technique, surface dyed, the patina the leather will have when I'm dead will not be as beautiful as it should be.

  • Original unbleached Ponton cloth (St) G1=color green grey
  • Sun bleached cloth