Welcome to my Mercedes-Benz 219 restoration!

Mercedes-Benz 219, Ponton, W105



Dear visitors!

Sorry for not having updated the site in a while but I am working furiously with finishing the restoration. I hope I will be able to make a thorough update of the site during the winter 2018/2019. And that with the final result of all the work! 


Stockholm, 18 September 2018



Hello there, welcome to my site! On this site I show you the progress of my renovation of my Mercedes-Benz 219 from 1957. The primary audience for this site are all persons who - in one way or another - are interested in Mercedes-Benz, above all the strange kind of people who don't hesitate to rebuild a whole car.

However, the web site is - as the car - under construction. So, visit me from time to time. Hopefully I've had time to add new pictures, new texts, corrected spelling and fact errors and so on and so on... Go to the Update history-page for information about what has been changed or added.

So far the work has taken a long time, due to different reasons, mostly "life" but also some miscalculations and a complete house restoration (with its miscalculations). But believe me, after all the work I've put into it so far it will be finished :).

Me restoring other things than Mercedes

Are you using a mobile device right now?

The standard, responsive Joomla template I'm using, is unfortunately putting the menus at the bottom of each page if you do. In such a case, just scroll down to the bottom and you will find the menus there, the key to the rest of the site.

Some of the pages are loong so you will have to scroll a lot.... And also, tell me if the site is slow, there are a lot of photos, which of course is good, but I don't want them to destroy the experience.

Notes to my visitors in regards to site structure

The [menu] structure is rather extensive. Maybe not the base structure but at least when it comes to the restoration part. For the restoration I'm following the standard architecture of Mercedes-Benz' grouping of parts and work items for a car , group 01 for engine, group 07 for carburetor etc. I do this in order for the knowledgeable enthusiast to find what he/she is looking for. For the "normal" enthusiast it may be a bit cumbersome but at least there's a structure...

Some of the groups are rather comprehensive. In those cases I divide the content into the different explosion drawings that are given by the spare parts book for the applicable group, trying to strike a balance between the length of the articles and the number of menu items.

Notes to my visitors in regards to photos

Unfortunately the quality of the pictures varies, especially the photos published before 2016 are of low quality and size. While doing the first parts of the restoration the digital camera didn't exist so I had to scan the printed pictures, with different level of success. I don't have the energy to re-scan them or the original negatives. Sorry. After some time I bought my first digital camera, its picture quality can be discussed. Now, a couple of generations of digital cameras later, the pictures should be better. Otherwise I can only blame myself for being a bad photographer...

If you click on the thumbnails to see the pictures, the box that opens up shows you the picture in a reduced size and may not give you the details you need. In such a case, you are able to download the full sized picture (at least that is what the software says... ) to your device by clicking on the small icon and look at it in a better quality and a picture viewer of your choice. If it is not good enough, send me a message (Contact me) and I'll see what I can do!

Also the none-gallery pictures are available in a bit larger size. They're not linked or have any download button but you can right click the picture and choose "Save picture as..." or whatever alternatives your browser has.

Notes to my visitors in regards to language

My native language is not English so you will for sure find errors in the text. I focus on getting my information, knowledge and experience out to you, not proof reading everything over and over again (which would be necessary). Sorry for that, but I don’t have the time. But if you want to help me out, correct bad English, grammatical errors, spelling or whatever it may be, please feel free to contact me. It would be highly appreciated! A consequence of not proofreading the text enough is of course that there may be parts that are not even understandable. Let me know and I’ll correct it a.s.a.p.! The same goes for things that are written in a section where it actually doesn’t make sense, are repeated in one or more sections or likewise.

How to get updated when something is happening here

I suppose you would like to be updated whenever I’ve added or changed something on the site. However, I won’t setup a send list or some sort of member function to which I could send news about the site. I think the best way for you is to add the URL of this site - or more specifically the one for Update history - to a tracking services. Search for e.g. “track webpage changes” or have a look at Wikipedia’s  article Change detection and notification and subscribe to a service that suits you.

Whenever I’ve make changes that I think are worth mentioning (primarily from a restorers perspective) I’ll write a new bullet on the Update history page. Focus on tracking that one.