Wheels (40)

My Mercedes-Benz 219, W105, along the river Eskilstunaån

My Mercedes-Benz 219 photographed in Eskilstuna, along the river Eskilstunaån

In the first picture you can see the original paint. The car is black so the wheel is black on the outside. I thought that it should be like that on the rear side as well. But as you can see it isn't. The color is equal to the brown-grey paint I had in my interior. As with the interior I used a color for Opel/Vauxhall (Spies Hecker A-0158 L109 89383 brown) after sandblasting them. The second picture shows you a painted wheel with refurbished and yellow chromated pressure springs and pins. The locking plates are new. Also the collar nuts are blasted and grinded and now yellow, however not seen on these pictures. Next part to restore will be the wheel covers.

Regarding the color used on the inside of the rim, the color looks too light in this picture. Wrong light and it is a very difficult color to take pictures of. Seen in real life it is however a "perfect" match. According to me. Some states, e.g. in the article Mercedes-Benz Ponton Color Charts & Paint Codes, that it is DB 268 "Blaugrun" (Blue-Green). For me, after having looked at that color, it is too green.  

  • Rear side of wheel before restoration
  • All parts of a Ponton wheel restored

Wheel covers

The plating of the wheel covers was done on the same time I did the bumpers (see the article Bumpers). I had six covers (“mine” are the four black and then two extra found somewhere and sometime) and they were sandblasted on the rear side and then handed over to the chroming company. The three first pictures show you “before” status. I was a bit astonished that the paint was so poorly done by Mercedes. With poor I mean the rough fit of the pattern when painting the black color. The fourth picture shows one of the covers copper plated and polished when I did my inspection before the final chrome layer.

  • Six Ponton wheel covers to be chromed
  • Ponton wheel covers to be chromed
  • Detail of painting on MB219 wheel cover
  • Copper plated W105 wheel cover before last layer, chrome