Niederlassung Ravensburg, © Daimler AG

Niederlassung Ravensburg, Blickauf das Verwaltungsgebäude 1952 und Sonderschau Typ 220, 1954, © Daimler AG

This list will surely never be finished and some who has helped and supported me through this process may not be on the list due to my slow and bad memory. Please forgive me...

  • My father for being a patient advisor, technician, landlord, etc ... My mother for being an advisor, landlady, lending me the owen and freezer when needed (ie for assembly of bearings and bushings on shafts), cook, etc ... Unfortunately, my father died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2014. In addition to all the other tragic around this, I was suddenly alone in the restoration work, without the details around the car that hasn't yet been clarified and without his wast amount of knowledgde in the technical area. And he will not get to experience the car's completion. I miss you dad...
  • Mårten Borgny (Sweden), Ponton and restoration advisor
  • Arne Malm (Sweden), Ponton and restoration advisor
  • Jan Lundin (Sweden), Ponton and restoration advisor
  • Rune Wenngren (Sweden, Mercedes and restoration advisor
  • Mikael Lindell (Sweden), the welder
  • International Ponton Owner Group ForumInternational Ponton Owner Group Forum (everywhere), more than great Ponton and restoration advisors
  • CB´s AutoteileCB´s Autoteile for superb, original looking sound dampening and panels for the instrument panel and engine bay as well as a lot of support and dialogue around it. Christian also made a new parcel shelf based on my old one.
  • Will Samples in Dallas, USA for his brake booster kit and outstanding friendliness and help.
  • Bernats Bil (Sweden), for parts as well as restoration of cylinder head, gearbox and rear axle housing
  • Werner Karasch & Co GmbHWerner Karasch & Co GmbH (Germany), parts
  • Firma NiemöllerFirma Niemöller (Germany), parts
  • Günter Krieg KabelbäumeGünter Krieg Kabelbäume (Germany), complete set of new cable harness
  • Trumlingsaktiebolaget for knowing how to tumble aluminium parts to the 100% correct finish and having a genuine interest in what we Ponton-heads are doing and talking about
  • Sifverts Skruv AB for all types of fasteners, tools etc
  • Kuntze & Co AB for all types of general none-MB specific rubber
  • Himmelservice Ingrid OppermannHimmelservice Ingrid Oppermann, material for sunroof
  • GAHHGAHH (USA), leather interior
  • Thomas Hanna, Ponton ManufakturThomas Hanna, Ponton Manufaktur (Germany), support and parts
  • Holger Merker Autosattler (Germany, Hamburg), support sunroof
  • Saddler Armin Sturm (Germany, Eching/München), support sunroof
  • Ka-Jo TachodienstKa-Jo Tachodienst for a perfect restoration of the instrument