Instrument panel, floor, parcel shelf, window frame (67, 68, 69)

Mercedes-Benz type 219 interior, © Daimler AG

Interior of a Mercedes-Benz type 219, © Daimler AG
This is how my interior looked like originally in my 219.

Instrument panel

In the article How to dismantle a Ponton you can see how it looked at the beginning of this project. In the article Welding the work that was done in the area and finally Putting it all together for how I painted it. Then the instrument panel was covered in the red (1079) vinyl.

  • This shows the bare frontal part of the interior with the glove compartment and its black (or dark gray) paint
  • The top coat of the interior in place, it is not DB124 that some suggests. Note black glove compartment!
  • Ponton instrument covered in 1079 Roser red vinyl


Carpets in gray rubber. As I've understood it you can also go for tufting/bouclé carpet (?) in a color adapted to the rest of the interior. Don't ask me about the details since I'm going for the gray rubber.

Work in progress...

Parcel shelf

A bit unsure if this is the correct English term for this part, but anyway.... The old one looked awful. So I had CB's AutoteileCB's Autoteile make a new one for me. He made it in fiber glass exactly according the original look and feel incl holes in correct place as well as providing me with new fasteners. Many thanks!

  • The old parcel shelf
  • CB Autoteile's new production of Ponton parcel shelf
  • CB Autoteile's new production of Ponton parcel shelf
  • Ponton parcel shelf covered with cloth and assembled in car

Windows frame

Content will come as soon as I've come to that part. Have patience!