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Front axle support Mercedes-Benz type 220S, © Daimler AG

Front axle support (Vorderachsträger, Fahrschemel) Mercedes-Benz type 220S, © Daimler AG


So far the jack and bracket have been sanded, primed and painted. More or less done so to speak. The pictures below hence don't tell the whole story so stay tuned! The only thing that is missing is the small rubber thing that is inserted in the head of the jack. Mine was broken and I havn't been able to find a new one. Any ideas? Contact me in such a case!

  • Ponton jack being sanblasted
  • Jack bracket from one perspective
  • Jack bracket from another perspective
  • The protecting felt in the bracket


Here it will come more pics sooner or later. As usual, stay tuned! In the meantime I can highly recommend the Ponton pages article, Mercedes-Benz Ponton Tool Kits.

Working/Inspection light

The working light found in my MB 219 Ponton

My working light, however not the -correct- one...

This working light has "always" been in the car and I thought it was an original Mercedes-Benz item. After some discussion on the Ponton list and with Art at "Star Classics", I assume it is not. Art says that my light is not the original item but an aftermarket product and of earlier date than the Ponton. This makes sense to me, since my father had several cars and motorbikes, together with his brother Börje, before the 219. Even if it's not an MB original it's nice and it does fit in the electrical outlet in the engine compartment. It can be noted that my father obviously has improved its function by installing a reflector so that the light only shines in one direction and not 360 degrees.

In "Special equipment for passenger cars" from 1960, you can find "Inspection light (clamping light)" which is listed with spare parts number 000 583 07 19. Art claims that this spare parts number corresponds to a working light made by a company called Kaco. The Kaco light can be found in his store, on ebay etc. Search for "Kaco working inspection light Pannenleuchte". The Kaco lamp is shown in the last four pictures in the gallery below (the last three pictures have been provided by the vdh e.V. -, thanks!). If you know more about these working lights in Pontons, please let me know!

  • The original type of working light in a Ponton, made by Kaco
  • The original type of working light in a Ponton 180 190 219 220, made by Kaco
  • The original type of working light in a Mercedes w105 w120 w121 w128 w180 Ponton, made by Kaco
  • The original type of working light in a Mercedes Ponton, made by Kaco

Now, back to my light... The light was disassembled, cleaned, carefully sandblasted to get rid of the chrome (which you shouldn't do, let your chrome shop remove the chrome in their baths), polished (the lamp cage was a pain in the b-tt) and then everything except the lamp holder were re-chromed. The lamp holder was only “white cad”. The two rubber sealings were replaced as well as the totally deteriorated cable. After that it was only to rivet my father's home-made reflector to the lamp holder and assemble the whole thing. Voilà, you have the result as of above!

  • The original shape of a working light belonging to my Mercedes 219
  • My Mercedes' working light disassembled
  • Parts for working light carefully sandblasted in order to remove the chrome before the polishing
  • The parts for my Mercedes' working light chromed
  • The lamp holder and reflector for my Mercedes' working light riveted
  • The lamp holder and reflector for my Mercedes' working light riveted