New Mercedes-Benz Ponton cable harness

A new Mercedes-Benz Ponton cable harness

Above you can see parts of the new cable harness (some parts, like the rear branch, are already installed in the car). This harness was ordered from Krieg Kabelbäume in Germany. It looks exactly as the original Mercedes Ponton cable harness; every cable is cut to correct length, has correct color coding and is provided with correct terminals. When you order it you can even add new cables as per request. In my case I added cables for the radio, for glove as well as engine compartment light, extra cables for the trailer hook I have - and may install - and also a hazard light function including the extra switch. Verrry neat. 

Before installing the harness I needed to perform a couple of things:

  1. Understand and verify all cables and their connections, that the harness was correctly built
  2. Clean up, reconnect and verify the new cable harness to the fuse box and to three cable sockets, for the tail light harness, for the steering spindle cable and for the heater blower cables
  3. Solder and verify the socket on the main cable harness for the instrument cluster

I suppose the galleries below are self explanatory. The first shows the fuse box and the different sockets. The screws in these sockets where still in very good shape and hence not plated (the screws in the steering cable socket is brass and hence not plated).

  • The old cable harness
  • The old harness' connection to the fuse box
  • The first, new cables having been attached to the fuse box
  • Checking what cables to connect where on the Mercedes Ponton fuse box
  • All cables connected to the Ponton fuse box
  • Mercedes Benz 219 Ponton fuse box restored
  • The old cables on the tail light harness socket, found under the Mercedes Ponton's dash
  • The old cables on the connector for the steering cables
  • The old cables on the connector for the steering cables of the MB 219
  • Restored sockets for the Mercedes Ponton main cable harness

The second gallery shows the resoldering of the main cable harness' instrument cluster socket. Took some time verify all the connections on the main cable harness as well as its connection to the tail light harness. For the soldering of the socket, please also see Instruments and switches.

  • Checking the layout of the main cable harness' instrument cluster socket carefully on a Mercedes W105 Ponton
  • The layout of the main cable harness' instrument cluster socket on a Mercedes Ponton
  • Having drilled holes for the new wires in the MB 219 main cable harness' instrument cluster socket
  • Re-soldered Mercedes Ponton type 219 main cable harness instrument cluster socket
  • The new main cable harness checked and complete

If you have made reparations of the battery floor and the partition-/firewall, maybe my sketch of the layout of all the holes in the latter may be handy when it comes to route the cables from the coupe into the engine compartment. You can find it in Instrument panel, floor, parcel shelf, window frame (67, 68, 69).