The Ponton on wintry streets

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A Mercedes-Benz 219 Ponton approaching

This is a sight some other drivers in the Stockholm traffic get to experience, how something black with a stylish, chromed radiator, adorned with the well-known star, quickly approaches in the rear-view mirror. With a few quick flashes of the headlight, the black Mercedes is past them and disappears quickly in front of them.

During January we got some snow and rather soon (i.e. not that much salt on the roads yet and snow sludge hasn’t gotten time to build up) it started to be slightly cold, -10C, and sunny. That coldness for a couple of days makes the roads dry and very inviting for a Ponton trip.

MB219 photo tour

Along this route, through Stockholm City to Djurgården, we took these and many other pictures.

A Mercedes-Benz Ponton in graceful solitude in winter landscape

Me in graceful solitude. While the rest of my family was taking pictures of me and talking with a German guy who wondered why my grill wasn't covered with highway badges and club signs....

Me and my Mercedes-Benz 219 Ponton in winter landscape

Me enjoying the silence, snow, the sun and to be able to lean on something stable, a black Ponton from the fifties!

On our way home again, with the Mercedes-Benz W105 Ponton

Finally, or sadly, trip is coming to an end, immortalized with a picture of the journey home via Strandvägen, along Stockholm's water front. The snow is, as of this writing, gone from the streets of Stockholm and we are looking forward to an amazing Ponton spring and summer!

More pictures from this trip, as well as many others, can be found on our Instagram-accountInstagram-account.