Re-taking a 60 years old picture

60 years differs between these two pictures with my mother and the Mercedes-Benz 219, who could believe that!

60 years differs between these two pictures with my mother and the Mercedes-Benz 219, who could believe that!

If you go to the article History of the car/Some more.... you'll find some pictures and a short story about a trip to Skåne that my mother, father and oldest sister did during the summer 1960.

One of those pictures shows my mother outside their garage before a trip to Magnarp in Skåne, a landscape in southern Sweden. A year ago I realized that 2020 it would be exactly 60 years since that picture was taken. Time for a celebration and a re-take of the picture! Thanks to a Facebook group I managed to find the current owner of the garage, Beatrice, in a matter of hours. Rather amazing! We made some plans for the shot during the summer 2020. Unfortunately a virus got in the way.

A video showing the scouting before the re-take of the picture of my mother and the Mercedes-Benz 219 -57

A short YouTube video showing the scouting before the re-take

The situation calmed down a bit during the late summer and I contacted Beatrice again. I turned out that the owner of the house was going to restore it during the autumn! That meant that it soon would be covered in plastics and some of its original look would probably disappear. Thanks to Beatrice's helpful attitude, my mother's forbearance and also a beautiful early-autumn weather we managed to agree on a Sunday only two weeks away. 

It took some time to figure out how to take the shot since the parking lot was a bit more crowded than when my father took the original picture. It was also windy, so my mother was busy ensuring she wasn't tossed around when the wind got hold of the door. Not talking about her hair...

The re-taken picture of my mother and the Mercedes Ponton, 60 years after the original one!

60 years later! You can see the original , full-size picture in the link above.

 Well, above you have the result. Not 100% equal but close enough and I'm very happy it turned out so well.

After the photo session we took a ride through the southern suburbs Högdalen, Bandhagen and Enskede before I left my mother in Stockholm city. None of us had been to these suburbs during the last 10 years and it was more or less impossible for us to recognize ourselves. Stockholm is growing a lot and where it before was a lot of green parks, small forest, low, old apartment buildings and houses there are now high, modern residential buildings and shopping centers.

Another shot of the fully restored Mercedes-Benz 219 219 from 1957

I of course had to take one more shot of the Ponton in her childhood area before we left!

 Beatrice, again; many, many thanks! When the corona virus has "disappeared" I hope you would like to join me and my wife for a short trip somewhere around Stockholm!