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Front axle support Mercedes-Benz type 220S, © Daimler AG

Front axle support (Vorderachsträger, Fahrschemel) Mercedes-Benz type 220S, © Daimler AG


So far the jack and bracket have been sanded, primed and painted. More or less done so to speak. The pictures below hence don't tell the whole story. The only thing that is missing is the small rubber thing that is inserted in the head of the jack. Mine was broken and I have been able to find a new one. Any ideas? Contact me in such a case!

  • Ponton jack being sanblasted
  • Jack bracket from one perspective
  • Jack bracket from another perspective
  • The protecting felt in the bracket


Here it will come more pics sooner or later. In the meantime I can highly recommend the Ponton pages article, Mercedes-Benz Ponton Tool KitsMercedes-Benz Ponton Tool Kits.