Hood and trunk lid (75, 88, 89)

Ponton Mercedes 220a, © Daimler AG

Ponton Mercedes-Benz 220a with fitted luggage, © Daimler AG


The first two photos below are showing the coating under the hood. I spent some hours cleaning the hood, in vain. Later it turned out that it had some minor dents that would be difficult/expensive to fix in combination with rust in the front. Therefore I've invested in a "new", almost perfect one. The other two pictures show the locking mechanism of the hood, before restoration.

Bowden cable for the hood, so far only two pictures of dirty screws...

Sound and vibration dampening of hood

In order to mimic the original coating under the hood (see pictures in gallery above) I turned to my beloved Teroson's "Telescope Pistol Multi-Press air assisted spray pistol" which previously had been used for sealing the seams before painting the chassis. I used Teroson’s MS 9320 SF which is supposed to be good sound and vibration dampener and can also stand the heat from the engine as well as oil etc. By adjusting the front nozzle, amount of sealant sprayed and air pressure you can get a lot of different patterns. If I opened the nozzle 0,5 turns, set material flow to fully open minus 0,5 turn and around 5 bar air pressure I got [almost] the desired structure. I probably should have lessened the material flow a bit in order to get the structure a little bit finer. If I remember correctly, I used 4, maybe 5, cartridges of 9320 in order to achieve the desired material thickness of 2-3mm. I’m very happy with the result and hope it will give a more silent ride.

Trunk lid

This is the first pictures of the restoration of the trunk lid. As I've mentioned under Putting it all together - Part III - spraying the invisible areas, also the trunk lid's DB7164 got a little bit too glossy. It's not as bad as it looks on the photo (taken with flash and in day light).


The trunk lock is taken apart by removing the screw at the inner end of the lock. I then carefully cleaned it, both in terms of a thorough cleaning and in terms of doing it carefully in order not to have the small pins and springs in the plug to fly out. When greasing the lock, the workshop manual says you should use “Universalfett Calypsol WJA”. That is however not available on the market as far as I've understood. Mercedes-Benz Classic instead recommends „sprühfett“ with MB article number A0029890651/09. Done.