Engine suspension (22/24)

Front axle support Mercedes-Benz type 220S, © Daimler AG

Front axle support (Vorderachsträger, Fahrschemel) Mercedes-Benz type 220S, © Daimler AG

Front engine suspension

The front engine support underwent the normal procedure; dismantled, sand blasted, plated, painted and - together with new bushings - assembled again.

Rubber suspension left and right

The two rubber mountings in the front are already in the "Fahrschemel" and the rear mounting is attached to the gear box. More about that later...

Rear engine suspension

Sometime, and somewhere, during this restoration I lost the rear engine suspension. I ordered a new one, together with its screening plate, from Werner Karasch. In the package was not only the ordered parts but also a horizontal beam with two screws. Karasch actually didn’t know what this beam was for, but said the rest should be ok for my car. I was inclined to believe them but it took me sometime to verify this. Thanks to the forum on I learnt that it was a SA, Sonderausstattung/Special request, for export cars of the type 180b,c,Db,Dc 190Db and 190b, if the latter assembled together with two pieces of rubber, 1169870641. And yes, without this “horizontal beam” it would fit my 219 perfectly.