How to dismantle a Ponton

Dismantle a Ponton is not that difficult. You "only" need the right tools so that you don't damage anything. And that you follow my "Todo list" under Restoration.

Ponton-Mercedes Typ 219, 1956-1957, (C) Daimler AG

"Ponton-Mercedes" Typ 219 (mit Kennzeichenleuchten der ersten Ausführung), 1956-1957. © Daimler AG

The boot

Hmm, putty on top of the paint around the spare wheel recess as well as sound proofing. More closely to the centerpiece, not visible on the photo, were also sound proofing material in the stiffening corrugations.

The coupe

These photos lies a little bit. In reality, the color is more dark grey than it appears to be here. Observe the blue paint around the rear window!

These photos have a more correct gray color. Here you can also see the reparation solution for the thrust arms.

Coupe dark grey, almost everywhere, but look at the glove compartment. I cannot remember if it was black or DB7164, Tiefdunkel grau, probably the first one. Send me a mail if you know!

These two pictures are supposed to show you the anti-squeek in the ceiling (jute felt with paper filler). But it also gave me an opportunity to display myself again, still having hair in the face as well as on the head. The latter is now gone, RIP.

Engine compartment

Here goes the motor and gear box. I didn't use the "standard procedure", to remove the motor together with the front axle support. I wanted to be able to move the car around easily... And no, the motor is not supposed to be red. My father painted it in this color when he made a general overhaul of the engine. Reason; rust in one or two cylinders due to a longer stand-still 1978.

Yes, wrong hose clamps, my fault...

I wish to point out that I have a new, complete cable set for the car, with the original color on all the cables as well as the original cotton coating. Included are wiring for all the options that I could find at that time, including radio, motor compartment light and towing hook. I bought it by Krieg Kabelbäume in 1994.

Forget the color of the master cylinder and the tank for the brake fluid. They "changed" when I restored the brakes, years ago...

A new, temporary home

As mentioned above I dismantled the car in my parents garage. You can imagine what my father thought about this process... That's why I in 1994 had it transported to Mårten. He had the space needed for the rest of the work on the chassis, knowledge about the rest of the restoration process as well as contacts for welding and painting.

Unfortunately the restoration came to a stand still and was also moved to a new place. At a certain point in my life, more precisely 1998/99, I thought it was a good idea start to work with the car myself. This is how it looked like before I started the grinding. The chassis has recently been stripped from it's front axle support but does still have the rear axle mounted. The rear axle was taken off in April 2001. And then there's a photo of me and Mårten Borgny, my "Ponton advisor" in Kisa. The car is laying on its left side, giving me a better position to clean it from dirt, oil, rust and whatever you may find under a car.